PaTRAM Institute™ Chairman Interviewed For His “Midas Touch” In Business and Technology

In case our readers didn’t know already, our Chairman, Alexis Lukianov, wears many hats. He is a builder of MedTech companies, a builder of churches, a race car driving enthusiast and so much more! Alex has a long history of success in the medical devices world, starting with orthopedic devices and moving on to spinal technologies.

In fact, Mr. Lukianov’s successes have gained him a reputation, in the medical technology world, as a sort of “King Midas”. The analogy referring to everything he does in medical technology, figuratively and financially, turns to gold.

We urge our readers to read the article by Matt Henshaw, a Medical Technology recruiter and talent specialist in the medical technology field. You’ll find it fascinating and better understand the architect of PaTRAM’s organizational and operational structure.

PaTRAM Institute’s Producers Circle Dinner 2022 A Big Success

Cocktail hour, with infused vodka tastings. Performance by PaTRAM™-sponsored Osanna Chamber Ensemble. Full Russian-style blini dinner complete with black and red caviar and all the other accoutrements. Presentations by PaTRAM’s Chairman and CEO.

These were the makings of the PaTRAM Institute’s Producers Circle Dinner on Feb 17th in the Grand Hall of the historic mansion that is the Synod of Bishops headquarters on Park Avenue in New York City. The catered affair attracted many clergy, including His Grace Bishop Nicholas of Manhattan, and supporters in a SOLD OUT house.

PaTRAM CEO, Tatiana Geringer, personally greeted the arriving patrons on that rainy night. She welcomed them to the event and guided them to the circular grand staircase, in the entry hall, and up to the second floor where the open bar was serving drinks and hors d’ oeuvres for the first hour of the evening. Of note were the multi-flavored infused vodkas created by Ms. Geringer and Katya Lukianov, PaTRAM Artistic Director. Also being served was the evenings signature drink, the “A Capella Elixir-It’ll Make You Sing!”

After the cocktail hour, the guests were all welcomed to the beautiful cathedral, in the adjacent hall. There, everyone had seats facing the altar for a performance by the Osanna Chamber Ensemble. Led by conductor John Arlievsky, partially subsidized by the PaTRAM Institute scholarships and made up mostly of young vocalists the Ensemble sang a short, 30 minute program of sacred music from various composers. Their performance was exceptional and emotionally moving with outstanding solos by both male and female soloists.

After the performance everyone moved over to the adjacent Grand Hall and took their seats at the beautifully set tables the incredibly efficient catering servers delivered the evening’s traditional Russian blinis. Delicious!

As everyone was enjoying their meals, PaTRAM Chairman, Alexis Lukianov, gave a short presentation reviewing PaTRAM’s mission, the success of PaTRAM’s recordings and the scholarship programs which partly fund the development of the aforementioned Osanna Chamber Ensemble (pictured below). Mr. Lukianov also reviewed one of the main purposes of this event, to raise funds for PaTRAM’s recording and concert tour of Rachmaninoff’s masterpiece, “All-Night Vigil”, in Jerusalem this coming June.

Following Mr. Lukianov, PaTRAM CEO (and architect of this gala), Tatiana Geringer, gave her short presentation. Ms. Geringer reviewed some of PaTRAM’s recent highlights and then focused on the coming recording and tour reviewing the itinerary and all the available financial support packages both for the recording/tour and for scholarships to advance the development of young singers.

Mr. Lukianov and Ms. Geringer certainly were inspirational speakers because after their presentations Mr. Greg Soufleris, a long-time generous supporter of PaTRAM, spoke about his feelings for the mission and prompted all the guests to support PaTRAM as he pledged his $12,000 purchase of the Associate Executive Producer package.

He, too, inspired others to follow his lead because several other AEP packages were purchased, that night, by generous patrons. All this capped off by a $25,000 additional donation from the Lukianov Family Foundation.

Following Mr. Soufleris, Katya Lukianov (the wife of Alexis and PaTRAM Artistic Director) asked to speak and, like Mr. Soufleris, gave her comments on the values of the mission and its importance, particularly in the development of young vocalists, and concluded by announcing that she, and her brother Andrei, were pledging $5000 EACH for a “Gift of Musical Excellence” Scholarship.

Ms. Lukianov, herself, inspired other patrons as people were writing checks to PaTRAM and pledging more support to the PaTRAM administrators in attendance and since via mail.

A great night was had by all with His Grace Bishop Nicholas saying it’s his wish that this become an annual event.

If you’re so inclined and would like to give a donation toward the Jerusalem project or towards scholarships to aspiring singers, conductors and choirs we would be grateful for all donations at the PaTRAM “Donate” page.

It’s become old hat with us but we will never stop saying it….THANK YOU! It is YOU, our supporters, who are most responsible for the continuation of PaTRAM’s mission. We can’t do it without you!

PaTRAM Institute™ – 2021 The Year In Review

The journey to create the critically acclaimed album can be enjoyed here.

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A Blessed Nativity To All From PaTRAM Institute™

PaTRAM Institute would like to wish you and your families a most joyous Day of the Nativity, and may God bless you all!

PaTRAM™ has a very special gift for all of our subscribers for Russian Orthodox Christmas!

We are extremely grateful for the support from our subscribers and friends and we’d like to thank you all by sharing this NEW, never-before-released hymn. It is a very special piece of music we were saving to share with everyone on this joyous occasion. Just click on the image below…

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Thank you for all your generous support, and we wish you a happy and peaceful New Year, too!

Happy New Year from PaTRAM Institute™

To all our friends and subscribers, PaTRAM wishes you and your loved ones a very happy and healthy New Year and may God bless you all!

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Wishing you health and happiness, and may beautiful music fill your home.

Merry Christmas from PaTRAM Institute™

To all our friends celebrating Christmas by the Gregorian calendar, PaTRAM Institute would like to wish you and your families the most wonderful and Happy Christmas Day and may God bless you all!

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The PaTRAM Institute™ Team Wishes You A Very Happy Thanksgiving!

Did you know that YOU are touching so many lives with the transformative and eternal power of Orthodox music? PaTRAM Institute is committed to sharing the rich and vast heritage of Russian Orthodox choral music with all who will listen, and THANKS TO YOUR SUPPORT, the music of the Church has reached the ears and hearts of listeners in over 100 nations.

The glorious tradition of church singing dates back at least a thousand years, and you are enriching humanity by keeping this music alive. Thank you!

We are blessed that our newest musical offering, which honors the Most Holy Virgin Mary, who gave birth to God the Word, the Lord Jesus Christ, has been well received. The unique program of the album, entitled More Honourable than the Cherubim, is selected from a vast array of hymns, which have inspired composers and comforted the hearts of the faithful in times of both celebration and tribulation. We hope you are enjoying this collaboration of orthodox faith and sacred music for worship.

Downloading the music, purchasing a CD and leaving your review brings awareness and inspires other believers and non-believers alike to listen and learn about the music of the Church.  Please consider supporting the work of PaTRAM Institute by purchasing the gift of music for a loved one or for yourself.

We wish you a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving and offer our sincere gratitude for your continued support!

PaTRAM™ Keeps Its Promise To Commemorate Your Loved Ones in Serbia

As part of our efforts for this year’s planned Serbia concert tour and CD recording of Rachmaninoff’s “All-Night Vigil”, PaTRAM Institute™ gave all our generous donors, supporters, and friends the opportunity to submit their commemoration slips for prayers to be said for loved ones in Serbian churches during our event.

Unfortunately, like many events during the pandemic, PaTRAM was forced to cancel the Serbia event due to COVID restrictions and for the safety of our singers. This left us with many commemoration slips that our supporters had submitted.

PaTRAM refused to let our promise go unfulfilled! The PaTRAM team made a promise to our donors, and we MUST come through with that promise, whatever it takes.


St. Aleksandr Nevsky Church, Belgrade, Serbia

Thank God we had some extremely helpful and supportive friends in Serbia who were willing to assist us in fulfilling our promise by delivering the names of your loved ones, both living and reposed, to the St. Alexander Nevsky church in Belgrade.

Thanks to the efforts of our good friend, Father Aleksandr Sekulic, your loved ones were commemorated in Serbian churches, as promised. We thank God for people like Father Aleksandr and especially for our generous and supportive donors, without whom we could not continue the mission of PaTRAM.

PaTRAM will soon be announcing the 2022 Rachmaninoff Tour and CD Recording of the “All-Night Vigil” that supersedes the Serbia event. So, please subscribe to our mailing list and/or follow us on social media.

THANK YOU, as always, for your support and generosity.


“More Honourable than the Cherubim” The Journey

PaTRAM Institute™ presents an insider’s look into the recording’s development process, featuring new photos and a beautiful hymn with an earth shaking, very rarely heard Contra D note at the conclusion of the video.

We invite you to embark on a journey with the PaTRAM Institute Male Choir to remote Saratov, Russia. Enjoy the array of newly released photographs, live videos, and of course, music from the “More Honourable than the Cherubim” album.

This is a story that united people from across the globe who came together to create a very special musical jewel to be treasured today and for generations to come. The adventure is just a click away.

Reviews Continue Coming For PaTRAM’s “More Honourable than the Cherubim”

There seems to be a review coming to us every week for this CD!

PaTRAM Institute™ is extremely pleased with yet another review for their newest CD, “More Honourable than the Cherubim”. This week’s review comes from James Manhiem, of AllMusic, a well-known classical music review site.

Mr. Manheim, who has never reviewed a PaTRAM CD, writes:  “The music will doubtless be of special significance to adherents of the Orthodox faith. However, it is also of interest to general listeners, who may simply want to sample this magnificent tradition, and, beyond that…” We urge our listeners to read the full review for complete context.

We urge our listeners to consider supporting PaTRAM Institute by purchasing a digital download, physical CD or enjoy streaming this album and all PaTRAM music at most mainstream outlets.

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More Reviews Continue Coming For PaTRAM’s “More Honourable than the Cherubim”

They continue to stream into our mailboxes for this CD!

PaTRAM Institute™ is extremely pleased with yet another review for their newest CD, “More Honourable than the Cherubim”. This week’s review comes from William Kempster, of Fanfare Magazine, a prominent classical music periodical.

Mr. Kempster, who has never reviewed a PaTRAM CD, writes:  “This is a magnificent new disc that will certainly be among my records of the year.” We urge our listeners to read the full review for complete context.

At this point, noting that more than one reviewer has designated this a real possibility, it can be said that this CD is hurtling toward an annual “best of..” title. Further, we are hopeful that will translate into a third Grammy nomination, as well.

We urge our listeners to consider supporting PaTRAM Institute by purchasing a digital download, physical CD or enjoy streaming this album and all PaTRAM music at most mainstream outlets.

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