Arvo Pärt’s Deeply Moving “Kanon Pokajanen” is Brought to Life by the Osanna Chamber Ensemble

There is a moment of silence as all eyes are focused on the magnificent altar of the Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral. Conductor John Arlievsky stands alone in the center of the dimly lit church. With the wave of his hand, the angelic voices of the Osanna Chamber Ensemble begin to fill the beautiful church venue from atop the choir loft. The choir then slowly descends the steps to sing in the back of the church. The sound is different, somehow deeper, as it begins to gently envelope the listener.

The singers move to the center of the church. Now they stand among the patrons. The intricately woven musical fabric of sound and silence of Arvo Pärt’s masterwork floats throughout the space and through the listener.

The life-lifting journey into the depth of Eastern Orthodox spirituality is complete as the choir stands before the altar and sings the final appeal to our Lord – “Come out to seek me; lead me up to Thy pasturage and number me among the lambs of Thy chosen flock.  Nourish me with them on the grass of Thy Holy Mysteries, by the prayers of Thy Most Pure Mother and all Thy saints. Amen.”

The concerts, held on March 23 and 24, were a great success. Patrons called the experience “truly immersive”, “sublime”, “ethereal”.  It was wonderful to see people from all walks of life, faiths and backgrounds come together to experience the music. Bravo to John Arlievsky and the talented singers of the Osanna Chamber Ensemble! They brought the notes on a page to life and provided a unique and moving experience for all who attended.

Following the concerts, PaTRAM™ invited everyone to enjoy socializing with the choir and the conductor and to enjoy each other’s company at receptions in the church hall. Guests were treated to delicious lenten hors d’oeuvres and refreshments. Singers love to sing, and the music continued as choir members played piano and sang arias. Both evenings were delightful.

PaTRAM Institute™ is pleased to present the Osanna’s first concerts and the ensemble’s 2023 concert season! Over the years PaTRAM has had the distinct honor of supporting Osanna through educational grants and concert opportunities all thanks to the generosity of PaTRAM donors and sponsors. The choir has truly blossomed and achieved a high level of precise and prayerful execution of liturgical music as was evident at the concerts.

And this is just the beginning for the ensemble! John and his team have big plans for the choir as they continue to hone their skills through lessons with master teachers and live concerts. Together with PaTRAM, Osanna plans to form an outreach program to mentor and inspire the next even younger generation of church musicians and continue to preserve and foster Orthodox choral treasures.

We would like to sincerely thank our sponsors, donors, patrons and volunteers. You allow us to share the music of the Church with the world. We would also like to extend a very special thank you to Archpriest Igor Vyzhanov, Rector of the Cathedral, Matushka Alla and Father Evgeniy for opening the doors of the cathedral to us and for their warm hospitality.

Please join us for the next concert coming soon! We will share details shortly.

Thank you for your continued support. We cannot do any of this without you!