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PaTRAM Institute™ Celebrates the Feast Day of the Kursk Root Icon With A Special Gift To Our Subscribers

“SECRET TRACK” revealed! 

Greetings on the Feast Day of the Wonderworking Kursk Root Mother of God “of the Sign.” Today, PaTRAM Institute has an early Christmas gift for all our subscribers! PaTRAM™ would like to sincerely thank our loyal friends and supporters and hope you will enjoy a very special, never-before-released gift: the “secret track” of the Troparion to the Kursk Root Mother of God of the Sign.

The Troparion was recorded by the PaTRAM Institute Male Choir™ in Saratov, Russia in 2019. During our time in Saratov, the 725-year old Wonderworking Kursk Root icon, accompanied by His Grace Bishop Nicholas, visited the remote city and brought with her the divine inspiration to record the “More Honourable than the Cherubim” album, released in July of this year. However, the Troparion does not appear on the album.

Today, for the FIRST TIME and on this wonderful feast day, it is our great pleasure to bring you this beautiful hymn.

We thank you for your continued support and wish you a joyous holiday season!

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PaTRAM™ Hits Number One on the Amazon New Releases Chart For Opera & Vocal

We’re number ONE!

PaTRAM Institute is proud to announce that their latest CD, “More Honourable than the Cherubim”, has risen to NUMBER ONE on Amazon’s Hot New Releases rankings for Opera & Vocal!

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The Making of “More Honourable than the Cherubim”: A Video Review

Like all other CDs recorded by artists, each has a history that influenced the sound and other pertinent elements that eventually became the final product. PaTRAM Institute™ would like to share with our supporters and listeners the story behind their latest recording, “More Honourable than the Cherubim”.

Recorded in Saratov, Russia in August 2019 at the St Nicholas Monastery Church, this CD recording pushed the PaTRAM Male Choir to its limits. Through summer heat and humidity, with closed windows and no air conditioning, this group of singers not only persevered but triumphed under challenging circumstances.

With the guidance and spiritual inspiration that the Wonderworking Kursk Root Icon provided to the group, Conductor Maestro Vladimir Gorbik molded the notes on paper into the beautiful, prayerful and deep sound that is heard throughout the CD.

Globally, critics laud it. Listeners are taken aback by its amazingly rich and soulful sound, posting reviews of its impact on them. PaTRAM Institute was inspired to share the hymn “It Is Truly Meet” (<<Достойно есть>>) as the backdrop to a summarized story of the making of this CD. Just click on the image below.

We hope you enjoy the video and urge you to look to the CD’s booklet where you’ll find background information about this hymn and other interesting information about all the masterpieces on the album.

Please consider purchasing “More Honourable than the Cherubim” via any of the mainstream classical music outlets. Additionally, we ask that when you do, please post a review about the CD which many of the outlets provide, particularly Amazon. This will help PaTRAM Institute’s chances for a Grammy nomination, which will bring attention to the music of our Church to the world!

Thank you to ALL our supporters, listeners and subscribers! This doesn’t happen without your help!

ANNOUNCING: PaTRAM’S NEW ALBUM, “More Honourable than the Cherubim”, to be released JULY 30! MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

PaTRAM CD More Honourable than the Cherubim - Coming July 30th

The highly anticipated, international PaTRAM Male Choir™ album entitled, “More Honourable than the Cherubim”, will be released on JULY 30! PaTRAM’s newest musical offering, honoring the Most Holy Virgin Mary, the Lady Theotokos, is a unique program selected from a vast array of hymns, which have inspired composers and comforted the hearts of the faithful in times of both celebration and tribulation.

In 2019 the Grammy award nominated PaTRAM Institute Male Choir, comprised of 56 vocalists, hailing from five countries, traveled to distant Saratov, Russia and coalesced in an inspired collaboration of orthodox faith and sacred music for worship. The choir achieved a sound so deeply beautiful and moving, that local residents huddled outside the recording venue and on balconies of adjacent buildings in hopes of hearing the heavenly and exquisite music coming from inside the church.

To showcase the full range of the Choir’s potential, the album features an unprecedented 9-member section of the lowest naturally occurring voices – the bassi profundi, complemented by the heavenly voices of first tenors. The deep, unparalleled sound of the oktavists resembles the roll of thunder across the vast Russian steppe.

The choir drew divine inspiration from the 725-year-old Wonderworking Kursk Root Mother of God of the Sign Icon, which was granted special permission to travel with the PaTRAM Institute Male Choir to Saratov, Russia. During our time in this remote city, more than 18,000 pilgrims venerated the holy and ancient icon. It was a glorious sight to behold as long-time believers and those new to the faith stood patiently to pray in the presence of the magnificent relic.

This release was recorded and mastered by the talented team at Soundmirror, whose outstanding orchestral, solo, opera and chamber recordings have received more than 100 Grammy® nominations and awards. For over 40 years, Soundmirror has recorded for every major classical record label, including our new Grammy award winning label, Chandos Records. PaTRAM Institute co-founders Alexis and Katherine Lukianov served as Executive Producers.

We cannot wait to share this new recording with you and trust you will enjoy absorbing the music as much as we enjoyed preparing it!

“More Honourable than the Cherubim” is the Record of the MONTH! We invite you to read the feature story about our history-making album in this month’s Chandos Records Newsletter and enjoy photographs and even A SAMPLE of the music!

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Another great review from Raphael Music Notes blog

PaTRAM™ is happy to share this latest review of our “Blessed Art Thou among Women” CD.

Renowned Conductor, Steven Fox, Reviews PaTRAM Institute™ CD,”Blessed Art Thou among Women”

“Throughout the recording, the choir of thirty singers performs not only with an excellent blend, but also with a varied palette of vocal colors that reflect the mood and style of each individual piece….the singing is passionate, not just outwardly, but coming from a deep place of spirituality. This is an aspect of PaTRAM’s mission that shines through.” Coming from such an accomplished choral conductor, Maestro Steven Fox’s review of PaTRAM Institute’s latest CD is, indeed, high praise.

Steven Fox* is himself an accomplished recording artist having successfully led the Clarion Choir to multiple Grammy nominations, conducted the Clarion Orchestra in performing live operas and other classical works and was appointed, as Music Director, to The Cathedral Choral Society in Washington, DC. PaTRAM Institute is honored to have Mr. Fox review our recording, below:

This is the fourth recording from the PaTRAM Institute in their impressive series of Russian Orthodox sacred works. The album brings together Marian works from the Baroque period through the 20th century (with one 21st-century work) in honor of Protopresbyter Valery Lukianov, the father of PaTRAM founder Alexis Lukianov, who passed away in 2018.  Fr. Valery, as explained in a letter in the booklet, was especially devoted to the Mother of God. Therefore PaTRAM’s program for this recording is a very fitting tribute to his memory. 

The program of works was compiled by conductor Peter Jermihov, one of the foremost authorities in the research and performance of Russian Orthodox sacred music.  He was assisted in the programming by Kathy Lukianov, co-founder of PaTRAM and an accomplished choral conductor in her own right. 

Throughout the recording, the choir of thirty singers performs not only with an excellent blend, but also with a varied palette of vocal colors that reflect the mood and style of each individual piece.  Mr. Jermihov brings technical prowess and interpretive conviction.  Thankfully, the curated program plays out not in chronological order, but in a way in which different settings of the same text can be heard side by side. This allows listeners to appreciate the subtle differences in the ways each composer approached these texts. 

The recording is made in the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky in Howell, New Jersey, and the program begins with a flourish of the Cathedral bells: a traditional call to worship with a unique melody composed by Peter Lukianov. We are then thrust into two settings of the text ‘Deva Dnes,’ a Christmas text announcing the Birth of Christ. PaTRAM’s performance of Dmitri Bortniansky’s setting brings out the quintessential rhythmic elements of his high Classical style. Jermihov also stretches the tempo in certain places to draw attention to moments in the text that deserve special appreciation, such as ‘rodisya’ (‘is born’). Alexander Kastalsky’s setting of the same prayer follows Bortniansky’s and is also performed with great rhythmic vitality. The Kastalsky has a slightly richer harmonic palette, and some unexpected harmonic turns, as one often finds in his works.  For example, there is a quick resolution to unison at the end of the phrase: ‘The Angels, with the shepherds, glorify Him.’  Kastalsky has a knack for achieving high drama in short forms – even many of his larger works are divided into shorter movements, pithy in meaning and musical material.  Later in the disc we hear another Kastalsky work, ‘Rejoice, O Queen,’ also beautifully rendered by the choir, and drawing attention to the composer’s signature skill of weaving a chant melody effortlessly through the different parts of the choir. 

Vasily Polikarpovich Titov’s ‘O Virgin Unwedded’ is a prime example of Russian Baroque choral music (yes, there is such a thing!).  Titov’s music is in the Russian polychoral tradition of Diletsky, but it also has significant similarities to Venitian antiphonal music of the early Baroque.  The juxtaposition of music that recalls a Gabrieli polychoral work with the dark colors of the Church Slavonic language is strikingly beautiful. 

Mr. Jermihov brings his particular expertise in the music of Soviet composer Sviridov to light in the performance of the ‘Hymn of Praise’. Jermihov is a champion of Sviridov’s works, and the performance makes a compelling argument for his being one of the most important composers of sacred music from Soviet Russia.  The slow moving, rich harmonic progressions place the listener in the world of the magnificent Cathedral and its ethereal acoustics.  

Pavel Chesnokov was one of the first composers of Russian sacred music to have his works embraced in the West, where editions of his music were printed both in Church Slavonic and in English. Chesnokov’s music speaks powerfully, emotionally, and directly.  This could be why it has always been appreciated outside of Russia and across the globe.  ‘Most Holy Theotokos, Save Us’ is fascinating in its antiphonal writing between the choir and the Deacon. The Deacon’s part is sung by Protodeacon Leonid Roschko, whose voice has a ravishing dark color and a disarming humanity.

The text ‘Do Not Lament Me, O Mother’ is captured in a modern setting by Sergey Zheludkov, whose style is reminiscent of the late 19th-century Russian composers of sacred music. The performance features a gorgeous solo by renowned basso profundo Glenn Miller. Later on the disc, we hear Alexander Chesnokov’s setting of the same text, starting more starkly but growing in intensity through to the final line of text:   ‘I shall exalt all who magnify Thee in faith and love.’     

In the first part of the recording, the singing is admirably controlled. But for Rachmaninoff’s The Theotokos, Ever-Vigilant in Prayer, the singing opens up in a different and welcome way, particularly in the phrase: ‘grob i umershchvleniye ne uderzhasta’ / ‘neither the tomb nor death could hold captive’. This kind of thrilling, free singing could have perhaps been welcome on a few more moments on the disc! 

There is something arrestingly beautiful and stoic about the performance of Kallinikov’s concise Ave Maria, compared with the slightly more harmonically rich and dramatic setting of the same text by Tcherepnin (the very next track on the recording). Both versions, with their contrasting styles, are executed with great elegance by the PaTRAM choir.   Also beautifully rendered are the two contrasting settings of ‘It is Truly Meet’: the first a bell-like, joyous setting by Gretchaninov; the second, a more introspective setting by Tcherepnin. The melodic motives in Tcherepnin’s setting are hauntingly doubled sometimes in octaves, other times in 11ths.  The PaTRAM choir executes these parallel lines well in tune (not easy to do!). Both of these settings are extraordinary, and, according to the notes in the disc, are recorded here for the very first time. 

Nikolai Mikhailovich Danilin was the legendary director of the Moscow Synodal Choir when they premiered Rachmaninoff’s All-Night Vigil.  His setting of St. John of Damascus hymn ‘All of Creation Rejoices in Thee’ has a wondrous sense of awe and reverence throughout – a wonderful discovery for me on this recording. 

Ledkovsky’s freely-composed ‘The Angel Cried Out’ is also a stand-out composition on the disc, performed with great presence and warmth – one has the sense that the choir members have known this piece for a long time. It also includes a soaring solo by the wonderful soprano Fotina Naumenko.  

Works on the recording by Ilyashenko, Matvyeyev, Lvovsky, and Tolstiakov show the remarkable ability of these composers to write liturgically-appropriate pieces that also have a very high level of musical sophistication. Matveyev’s Magnification for the Icon ‘Joy of All the Sorrowful’ reflects the ‘opulence from a bygone era,’ as Mr. Jermihov writes in the booklet notes. And the singing he elicits from the choir is full and opulent indeed, and the excellent solo quartet adds additional dynamism to the choral texture. 

The recording ends on a very personal note, with a male quartet singing ‘In the Flesh Thou Didst Fall Asleep,’ a hymn which Fr. Valery Lukianov used to sing himself during Easter services, and then with ‘Memory Eternal’ by Pavel Chesnokov, intoned, in a moving gesture, by Fr. Valery’s son, Alexis Lukianov. 

Throughout the recording, the singing is passionate, not just outwardly, but coming from a deep place of spirituality. This is an aspect of PaTRAM’s mission that shines through.  Maestro Jermihov’s own wisdom and experience in the Russian Orthodox liturgy imbue the performances with an earnest passion and communication of the meaning of the text.  Jermihov also brings to the performances a sense of how these works function liturgically. This is something that these composers, many of whom were active in the church themselves, thought about. Therefore, these considerations are often part of the essential fabric of the music.  The recording is produced superbly by Blanton Alspaugh, John Newton, and their Soundmirror team: the sound in the space is captured in such a way that you can hear the details and characterful qualities in the voices, but also appreciate the experience one would have sitting in the middle of the Cathedral, where the voices crystallize.  It is moving to note that the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky was engineered and built by Fr. Valery Lukianov. It was the ideal setting for this recording and one of the reasons it turned out so well. 

*The reviewer, Steven Fox, has collaborated with the PaTRAM Institute and Mr. Jermihov on several occasions.

Music from PaTRAM Institute™ Is Truly Global In Its Reach

We are proud to learn that our newest CD, “Blessed Art Thou among Women”- Peter Jermihov, Conductor, has been streamed in 65 countries around the world on Spotify – and growing!

In addition to the success of PaTRAM Institute’s newest CD, the music from our other CDs is being heard around the globe. There are about 190+ countries in the world, that means that over 30% of the countries around the globe have listened to our music. Amazing!

And….the accolades have not stopped.

On ArkivMusic, one of the retail outlets where our music is available, a listener wrote yet another positive review of the “Blessed Art Thou among Women” CD. Hershel Anderson states, “The combination of so many perfectly trained voices performing in an atmosphere with the slight echo of their voices that a church with beautiful acoustics provides is a listener’s joy“. Read his full review.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have listened, shared, or purchased our newest musical treasure. We appreciate your continued support!

Dr. Kurt Sander Posts His Review of PaTRAM’s “Blessed Art Thou among Women” CD

Dr. Kurt Sander, an accomplished music professor, vocalist and composer, has posted his own review of the “Blessed Art Thou among Women” CD.

PaTRAM new CD Blessed are Thou Among Women - Coming Soon!


Dr. Sander has been a long-time collaborator with the PaTRAM Institute™. It was his “Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom“, commissioned by PaTRAM, that went on to receive a Grammy nomination for Best Choral Performance this year. Many of the same singers contributed their talents to our new “Blessed Art Thou among Women” CD, under the baton of Maestro Peter Jermihov .

With his extensive musical knowledge, Dr. Sander provides his impressions of the recording stating: “The choral singing is some of the best you will find in this genre, either inside or outside of Russia.” He also shares interesting historical tidbits about the recorded pieces. For example, speaking of composer Georgy Sviridov, “This post-Revolution composer is primarily known in the West for his inspired secular choruses.”

We urge our readers to read Dr. Sander’s entire review and get his deep perspective of the music and the composers whose music is presented.

It is important to note that Dr. Sander played no part in the creation, performance or recording of the “Blessed…” CD. His review is completely independent of any collaboration with PaTRAM.

More Great Reviews Continue To Roll In For PaTRAM’s “Blessed Art Thou among Women”

Little by little PaTRAM Institute™ continues to garner extremely positive reviews from both critics and consumers alike, for its latest CD release, “Blessed Art Thou among Women.”

PaTRAM new CD Blessed are Thou Among Women - Coming Soon!

The prestigious global online classical music magazine, MusicWeb International, posted a review of the CD, by Marc Rochester, in its latest edition. Mr. Rochester was extremely pleased by the sound and performance opining:

“Frankly, this recording would be worth buying for this magical example of true profundo singing on its own, but, in their own way, every single track (including the opening burst of carillon bells from the St Alexander Nevsky Diocesan Cathedral’s bell-ringer, Peter Lukianov) is worth hearing.”

The “profundo” Mr. Rochester was referring to was PaTRAM’s very own Chairman, Alexis Lukianov, who can now count himself in the same league of rare vocalists called “Oktavists”. PaTRAM is very proud of our Chairman. Likewise, Mr. Lukianov’s nephew, Peter, was also mentioned for his uncommon, bell-ringing talents.

This past week the CD reached the NUMBER 1 spot, yet again, on Amazon’s Hot New Releases in the Opera & Vocal category.

Speaking of Amazon, a consumer of the CD, named Arvo, left a wonderful, and detailed, review of his overwhelming delight with the CD and its inside jacket. Seems Arvo was very taken by the beauty of the music and the back-story of its history and making.

So, the accolades continue for “Blessed Art Thou among Women” and we thank all those who have helped to make this happen.

More to come….

“Blessed Art Thou among Women” CD Maintains Top 10 On Amazon Music

Less than a month since its release and for the past two consecutive weeks, PaTRAM Institute’s newest CD, “Blessed Art Thou among Women”, continues to maintain its place on Amazon’s Hot New Releases (Opera & Vocal). Despite the fact that there are, almost hourly, changes to the CDs in this group, “Blessed Art Thou among Women” retains its place in the top 10 in this category.

For those friends of PaTRAM who purchased the CD on Amazon, we want to say THANK YOU and request you post your impressions of the CD on Amazon where you purchased it.

Our Facebook page has been lit up with interest after the posting of a second, full track from this CD. With over a thousand views and dozens of shares, it can be said this CD is well-received. With that in mind PaTRAM has posted this new video for general viewing, as well. We invite you to see the video of the track, “In the Flesh Thou Didst Fall Asleep” and hope you enjoy it.