PaTRAM Institute™ Long-Time Collaborator, Dr. Vladimir Morosan, To Teach Online Sight-Singing and Ear Training Course

PaTRAM Institute™ highly recommends the online class on Sight-Singing and Ear Training authored and developed by long-time collaborator and friend, Dr. Vladimir Morosan.

Dr. Morosan writes, in describing the purpose, “The class is designed specifically with the needs of singers in Orthodox church choirs….Our emphasis will be on the mastery of basic intervals, scales, and rhythms that are encountered in our liturgical hymns. In order to succeed in this course, a person needs to love to sing and be able to ‘carry a tune,’ but doesn’t need to have any prior instruction in music theory.”

If you are a student of music theory, with a particular interest in Orthodox sacred music, PaTRAM Institute highly recommends this course.  If you’re a choir singer in your Church and you want to improve on your skill, this is the course to attend.

The course begins on October 4th, 2021 so don’t get left behind and act quickly. For further information please go to Morosan Course.


PaTRAM Institute™ is happy to announce a newly revised approach to their online course training model called the “Private Instruction Course Directory”.

In an effort to make online course training more accessible to our interested students, PaTRAM™ redesigned their methodology. Rather than taking on the unnecessary burden of brokering online class organization with instructor availability, PaTRAM Institute, essentially, removed the middleman. In our newly designed model, we’ve made it easier for both the student and the instructor to participate in online training courses.

An interested student simply goes to the PaTRAM website’s new page, selects the course of interest and contacts the instructor directly via email. The two sides can then work out their own agreement as to the scheduling, method of interfacing and cost. With this model, there are no Fall and Spring semesters, no quorums for class size and no scheduling requirements that hampered the original PaTRAM model.

PaTRAM Institute has vetted and certified the qualifications of each instructor prior to listing them. Our standard of excellence has not changed. PaTRAM is dedicated to providing students with top quality online courses and world-class instructors. Each instructor’s bio can be viewed by clicking the corresponding “Read Bio” button located next to the instructor’s photo.

PaTRAM Institute believes this model will be more beneficial to both student and instructor, and we urge all interested students visit the site and connect with the instructors of the courses in which they’re interested. We hope everyone finds this service to be useful, and PaTRAM welcomes input from our loyal subscribers.

Thank you to all for your continued support.

PaTRAM™ Adds New Online Course

PaTRAM Institute™ is pleased to announce a new online course to its catalog, entitled “Score Analysis for the Conductor.” Designed and taught by PaTRAM Senior Faculty member, Dr. Peter Jermihov, the course addresses a rarely taught aspect of the church musician’s education.

“Score Analysis for the Conductor” will expose the aspiring conductor to a method of score preparation that will deepen his/her ability to grasp a composition’s operative principles, enhance his/her connection to the central idea of the work, improve his/her ability to read a score at the piano, and make possible a sensible vision and presentation to the ensemble; it will enable the conductor to develop rehearsal strategies based on concrete musical processes in the score and merge a theoretical understanding with a practical preparation of the score for conducting.

Every serious conductor should develop a method for thorough score preparation and have a clear vision of what to ask of the singers under his/her leadership. This course will give you the skills necessary to be a well-prepared conductor.

Registration begins immediately and anyone interested in taking this unique course offering should go to the registration page and fill out the application. Musicianship I is a pre-requisite for this course.

Fall Online Classes Will Begin Soon – Don’t Miss Them

There have been many queries received about PaTRAM’s online courses. This reminder is for all interested parties. Our Fall Semester is gearing up right now so if you’re interested in joining one of our classes, click on this link and you will see all the available programs. And, you can sign up there, too.

Come and train with some of the very best faculty in this country and abroad, including Dr. Nick Reeves, Laryssa Duhovskoy, Dr. Peter Jermihov and Maestro Vladimir Gorbik. All are experts in their field and will provide students with in-depth training in the choral arts in both singing and conducting.

Don’t miss this opportunity. The registration deadline is September 30th.

Special Summer Musicianship I Class Being Organized

Recently, PaTRAM has received several inquiries from around the world regarding our Musicianship I online course. Though PaTRAM courses are typically held in Fall and Spring semesters, the interest seems to be there for a summer session.

I have consulted with our Musicianship I instructor, Dr. Nicholas Reeves, who agreed to lead this special summer session. With Dr. Reeves’ agreement, I have set a quorum requirement of 5 people, the minimum number of people we will need to cover the costs of staging this course.

Additionally, I have set a deadline of May 15th, 2017 as the cutoff date to register for this special summer Musicianship I session. Then, based on the number of registrations received by that date, I will determine whether the class is viable or not. If yes, then Dr. Reeves will begin assembling his course materials and will contact the registrants directly. If no, then I will contact those who have registered and refund their payments.

Please read the course requirements regarding connectivity to the Internet and be sure you have the necessary hardware/software needed to connect to the course before registering.

To register for the special summer Musicianship I class, please click here.

First Semester of Online Courses a Success

We were pleased to conclude our first semester of online courses on a high note. Our Introduction to Musicianship I course, in two sections–youth and adult–were very successful.

Our classes were populated with pioneering students who had the added bonus of training in the use of online classroom platforms, multi-track recording, and cloud document sharing in addition to their musical studies. The classes were rich with material and training that was specifically designed to be immediately applicable in their situations as church musicians.



Our 2015 church music courses are now open for enrollment at the PaTRAM Institute. These 12-week courses will begin at the end of February. This semester we are offering the following six classes online:

  • Music Theory: Introduction to Musicianship Level I, Introduction to Musicianship Level II
  • Voice Lessons: Private and Group Lessons
  • Conducting Lessons: Private and Group Lessons

The content of our courses is specifically designed for immediate application in Orthodox sacred choral music in the Russian tradition. All examples and weekly assignments are drawn from selections from common English repertoire. All PaTRAM course enrollees receive discounts on PaTRAM master class events.

The PaTRAM Institute curriculum offers an innovative approach to music learning. Orthodox musicians often lead very busy lives apart from their work for the Church, and so enrolling in a conventional music program is simply not an option for many. Using a groundbreaking combination of:

  • private lessons via video-conference
  • online virtual classrooms
  • guided independent study
  • seasonal workshops and master classes
  • assessment-based, multi-level certification

the PaTRAM Institute curriculum makes it possible for working church musicians to increase their God-given talents at their own pace, under the tutelage of some of the forest Orthodox professional musicians, and at a fraction of the cost of a conventional music program.