PaTRAM™ Institute Presents a Video Journey Through the Holy Land

Greetings on the joyous season of the Nativity of our Lord!

PaTRAM Institute is delighted to share a very special video showcasing the highlights of our Concerts, Recording and Musical Pilgrimage in the Holy Land in June of 2022.

Enjoy the sites and sounds as you travel with the PaTRAM Male Choir to the Holy City of Jerusalem and beyond and experience the beauty of our monasteries, the blessing in the Jordan River, the cave of the Nativity of Christ, the Holy Sepulchre, the site of the most important event in human history – the Resurrection, and Golgotha, the site of the Crucifixion of our Lord, and so much more.

The Journey – The PaTRAM™ Recording of the “All-Night Vigil” and Pilgrimage in the Holy Land – 2022

The Rachmaninoff “All-Night Vigil” project is surely the pinnacle of our work thus far. In this video you will get a sneak peek into the ethereal music, in its raw, un-mastered form, as you listen to clips of the concerts and recording. We hope you love what you hear and are moved by the deep prayerfulness and sheer artistry of the music.

We still need your help! Please GIVE generously so that Rachmaninoff’s crowning musical achievement can be mastered and released for you to enjoy! We invite you to read Tatiana’s story. Perhaps you, too, will be transported by the music to a plane between Heaven and Earth.


Thank you for your support and may beautiful music fill your homes during the holiday season and always!