PaTRAM™ Supporters Are Making A Huge Impact!

Your gifts are making a real difference! You are strengthening the Church by supporting those who serve the Church – Church Musicians.

Your support is most essential to making our work possible. PaTRAM Institute™ is partnering with the Osanna Chamber Ensemble to further develop the emerging choir through training with master teachers and concert performances. Together, we are also building an outreach program to mentor and inspire the next generation of young church musicians and form new youth choirs. These are programs that will benefit our youth and our Church!

Please consider making a huge impact today by sponsoring educational programs and live performances. You will change the lives of developing artists, Orthodox church musicians, their students and parish choir singers, and audiences around the world by bringing this art form to life!


Your Gift provides a unique opportunity for a church musician to achieve personal excellence through intensive study with master teachers and participate in live concert performances.

Your Gift transforms good singers into great ones.

Your Gift grows the ranks of professionally trained singers and impacts the very sound of Orthodox music across North America.

Your Gift will have a huge impact on the life of a dedicated and talented musical artist.


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Thank you for your continued support! You are making a huge impact!

Tatiana Geringer

CEO, PaTRAM Institute