PaTRAM Institute™ Long-Time Collaborator, Dr. Vladimir Morosan, To Teach Online Sight-Singing and Ear Training Course

PaTRAM Institute™ highly recommends the online class on Sight-Singing and Ear Training authored and developed by long-time collaborator and friend, Dr. Vladimir Morosan.

Dr. Morosan writes, in describing the purpose, “The class is designed specifically with the needs of singers in Orthodox church choirs….Our emphasis will be on the mastery of basic intervals, scales, and rhythms that are encountered in our liturgical hymns. In order to succeed in this course, a person needs to love to sing and be able to ‘carry a tune,’ but doesn’t need to have any prior instruction in music theory.”

If you are a student of music theory, with a particular interest in Orthodox sacred music, PaTRAM Institute highly recommends this course.  If you’re a choir singer in your Church and you want to improve on your skill, this is the course to attend.

The course begins on October 4th, 2021 so don’t get left behind and act quickly. For further information please go to Morosan Course.