PaTRAM blog post


PaTRAM Institute™ is happy to announce a newly revised approach to their online course training model called the “Private Instruction Course Directory”.

In an effort to make online course training more accessible to our interested students, PaTRAM™ redesigned their methodology. Rather than taking on the unnecessary burden of brokering online class organization with instructor availability, PaTRAM Institute, essentially, removed the middleman. In our newly designed model, we’ve made it easier for both the student and the instructor to participate in online training courses.

An interested student simply goes to the PaTRAM website’s new page, selects the course of interest and contacts the instructor directly via email. The two sides can then work out their own agreement as to the scheduling, method of interfacing and cost. With this model, there are no Fall and Spring semesters, no quorums for class size and no scheduling requirements that hampered the original PaTRAM model.

PaTRAM Institute has vetted and certified the qualifications of each instructor prior to listing them. Our standard of excellence has not changed. PaTRAM is dedicated to providing students with top quality online courses and world-class instructors. Each instructor’s bio can be viewed by clicking the corresponding “Read Bio” button located next to the instructor’s photo.

PaTRAM Institute believes this model will be more beneficial to both student and instructor, and we urge all interested students visit the site and connect with the instructors of the courses in which they’re interested. We hope everyone finds this service to be useful, and PaTRAM welcomes input from our loyal subscribers.

Thank you to all for your continued support.