First Semester of Online Courses a Success

We were pleased to conclude our first semester of online courses on a high note. Our Introduction to Musicianship I course, in two sections–youth and adult–were very successful.

Our classes were populated with pioneering students who had the added bonus of training in the use of online classroom platforms, multi-track recording, and cloud document sharing in addition to their musical studies. The classes were rich with material and training that was specifically designed to be immediately applicable in their situations as church musicians.



Our 2015 church music courses are now open for enrollment at the PaTRAM Institute. These 12-week courses will begin at the end of February. This semester we are offering the following six classes online:

  • Music Theory: Introduction to Musicianship Level I, Introduction to Musicianship Level II
  • Voice Lessons: Private and Group Lessons
  • Conducting Lessons: Private and Group Lessons

The content of our courses is specifically designed for immediate application in Orthodox sacred choral music in the Russian tradition. All examples and weekly assignments are drawn from selections from common English repertoire. All PaTRAM course enrollees receive discounts on PaTRAM master class events.

The PaTRAM Institute curriculum offers an innovative approach to music learning. Orthodox musicians often lead very busy lives apart from their work for the Church, and so enrolling in a conventional music program is simply not an option for many. Using a groundbreaking combination of:

  • private lessons via video-conference
  • online virtual classrooms
  • guided independent study
  • seasonal workshops and master classes
  • assessment-based, multi-level certification

the PaTRAM Institute curriculum makes it possible for working church musicians to increase their God-given talents at their own pace, under the tutelage of some of the forest Orthodox professional musicians, and at a fraction of the cost of a conventional music program.