The Positive Reviews Continue For PaTRAM’s “More Honourable than the Cherubim”

PaTRAM Institute™ can barely contain their joy seeing more and more positive reviews coming in for their newest CD.


This week’s review comes Henry Fogel of Fanfare Magazine, a well-known and respected classical music periodical in the US.

Mr. Fogel writes, “The first quality that one notices in this choir is the sensitivity of the balancing and blending of voices.” He goes on to say, “A unique feature of this recording is the inclusion of nine octavists in the ensemble. An octavist is a singer with an extremely low bass voice, extending below the traditional bass register. It is to PaTRAM’s credit and to conductor Vladimir Gorbik that at no point is our attention distracted by this remarkable feature—the octavists become part of the ensemble and add just a touch more firm foundation to the sound.

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