The Making of “More Honourable than the Cherubim”: A Video Review

Like all other CDs recorded by artists, each has a history that influenced the sound and other pertinent elements that eventually became the final product. PaTRAM Institute™ would like to share with our supporters and listeners the story behind their latest recording, “More Honourable than the Cherubim”.

Recorded in Saratov, Russia in August 2019 at the St Nicholas Monastery Church, this CD recording pushed the PaTRAM Male Choir to its limits. Through summer heat and humidity, with closed windows and no air conditioning, this group of singers not only persevered but triumphed under challenging circumstances.

With the guidance and spiritual inspiration that the Wonderworking Kursk Root Icon provided to the group, Conductor Maestro Vladimir Gorbik molded the notes on paper into the beautiful, prayerful and deep sound that is heard throughout the CD.

Globally, critics laud it. Listeners are taken aback by its amazingly rich and soulful sound, posting reviews of its impact on them. PaTRAM Institute was inspired to share the hymn “It Is Truly Meet” (<<Достойно есть>>) as the backdrop to a summarized story of the making of this CD. Just click on the image below.

We hope you enjoy the video and urge you to look to the CD’s booklet where you’ll find background information about this hymn and other interesting information about all the masterpieces on the album.

Please consider purchasing “More Honourable than the Cherubim” via any of the mainstream classical music outlets. Additionally, we ask that when you do, please post a review about the CD which many of the outlets provide, particularly Amazon. This will help PaTRAM Institute’s chances for a Grammy nomination, which will bring attention to the music of our Church to the world!

Thank you to ALL our supporters, listeners and subscribers! This doesn’t happen without your help!