Light the Spark!

Beautiful, sacred music literally transforms people. Ordinary people who have never heard the heavenly sounds of traditional liturgical singing become believers. Music aficionados who know exactly what high-quality music should sound like, are stunned by this new emotional volcano. Amateur singers learn to sing on a completely new level. Inspiration, emotion, faith – music has the power to spark this in all of us.


The choirs that deliver beautiful, sacred music are made up of individual singers.

Would you consider a gift of $600 to sponsor the musical development of a singer?

You may be familiar with our campaign “From Young Voices to God’s Ears”. The goal is to raise $33,000 over the next few weeks to invest in the musical development of some amazing and committed young artists from the Osanna Chamber Ensemble.

PaTRAM™ has been supporting the Osanna Chamber Ensemble in their development, giving them access to PaTRAM master teachers, who are the best in their field. We have opened doors for them and allowed them to reach a level of musical excellence that is uncommon in North America. Working with John and the Osanna singers has been deeply fulfilling, and their progress and growth has been exceptional.

Osanna has developed into a choir that is approaching the level of a professional choir. Their progress is due in large part to their commitment, and they deserve tremendous credit for their hard work. But I also know that their commitment and hard work alone would not have been enough to get them to where they are today. They needed someone to come alongside them to support their development. That’s where PaTRAM came in – and we are very proud of the role PaTRAM has played in providing Osanna the support they needed to take them to the next level. They are shining stars in the sacred music sphere.

This is the process I am asking you to help us continue and duplicate. You can learn more about the campaign at So far, we have raised $9,445 toward our goal.

A gift of $600 would cover the complete cost of one student’s pre-concert lessons.

Today, I am inviting you to sponsor one of these students with a gift of $600. You can give now at

YOU can light the spark.