From “Young Voices to God’s Ears” UPDATE!

Today is a great day! Thanks to 27 VERY GENEROUS friends of PaTRAM, we have reached over 20% of our FROM YOUNG VOICES TO GOD’S EARS campaign GOAL! That’s terrific news!

We are so very grateful that you have decided to partner with PaTRAM and 30 dedicated singers. Thank you for seeing the value of preserving and passing on the sacred choral treasures of the Orthodox Church. This music is truly life changing!

Twenty seven generous friends have already chosen to make a difference! You too can partner with us through your giving — not because of the money — but because the money is an outward reflection of where your heart is.

You can give $25 — and if you give $25, you may not think that’s much — but to us, you are saying, “I’m with you. I’m in this with you. I want to partner with you.”

  • A gift of $25 can sponsor sheet music and books for our singers
  • A gift of $60 can sponsor a lesson with a master teacher
  • A gift of $100 can sponsor meals for our singers
  • A gift of $250 will help cover the cost of transportation and lodging
  • A gift of $600 would cover the complete cost of one student’s pre-concert lessons

If you are capable of giving a larger gift,

  • A gift of $1,000 would provide a complete scholarship for one student
  • A gift of $5,000 would sponsor a concert

Are you ready to make a gift now? 

Here’s what your support means: it means we advance our mission to improve the prayerful sound and quality of Orthodox church singing. And you can experience excellence in sacred singing at live performances this fall. Stay tuned for details!

Together, we can share the splendor of Russian Orthodox choral music together with its astounding spiritual depth with the next generation and, ultimately, at a parish near you.

Please GIVE TODAY and help us reach our $33,000 GOAL: