Grassroots Movement

Movements are built by people – individuals who share values, a common faith and a commitment to make a positive and lasting impact on humanity. Since our founding, PaTRAM Institute™ has been dedicated to affecting the quality of church music to facilitate deeper and more passionate worship. Together, we are building something extraordinary – a movement in the realm of sacred music that will bring inspiration, emotion, faith and a deeper connection to God for all who will listen. The music of the Orthodox Church has the power to spark this in all of us.

Together, we are building a grassroots movement to share the splendor of Russian Orthodox choral music together with its astounding spiritual depth with the next generation and beyond. This is a true grassroots movement because PaTRAM™ does not receive grants from the government or large foundations. The Lukianov Family Foundation generously covers all administrative costs, but educational grants and performance programs come from gifts – your gifts.

Over 50 families and individuals have already supported the “From Young Voices to God’s Ears” campaign. That is amazing! Will you join them? Will you join us? Will you invest in the next generation of church musicians and in the music that has the power to heal, inspire and touch the soul?

Please give today to the “From Young Voices to God’s Ears” campaign.

Your gift will make a huge impact on the future of the sacred musical arts and young church musicians.

Thank you in advance for partnering with PaTRAM and demonstrating your commitment to sharing the gift of liturgical music with the next generation and all who will listen! Whether you give a little or a lot, whether you spread the news about our noble cause to family and friends or whether you simply pray for those who are working to achieve excellence in prayerful singing, you are our partner in great work. And we are sincerely grateful!

Our doors are open, and all are invited to join our growing community and become partners in great work!