This week on Social Media, PaTRAM™ has been featuring some truly talented and dedicated young singers, who have embarked upon a journey to musical excellence. They are seeking excellence not only for themselves but to improve the quality of their prayerful singing to facilitate deeper and more passionate worship for all who hear their pure voices and for the Glory of God.

Each of the singers has been active in their respective parishes since childhood and each has a true passion for music, especially the music of the Orthodox Church.

Deacon Seth, Anna-Maria and Sophie, along with their peers, are the next generation of church musicians who are ready to become the faithful stewards of our Orthodox choral treasures.

You can link your life to their noble pursuits by partnering with us. Together we will grow the ranks of trained and professional singers and conductors.

Please GIVE to “From Young Voices to God’s Ears” and invest in the next generation.

Stay tuned for information about performances coming this fall and experience the music live in concert.

Thank you for your support!