The PaTRAM Institute™ Team Wishes You A Very Happy Thanksgiving!

Did you know that YOU are touching so many lives with the transformative and eternal power of Orthodox music? PaTRAM Institute is committed to sharing the rich and vast heritage of Russian Orthodox choral music with all who will listen, and THANKS TO YOUR SUPPORT, the music of the Church has reached the ears and hearts of listeners in over 100 nations.

The glorious tradition of church singing dates back at least a thousand years, and you are enriching humanity by keeping this music alive. Thank you!

We are blessed that our newest musical offering, which honors the Most Holy Virgin Mary, who gave birth to God the Word, the Lord Jesus Christ, has been well received. The unique program of the album, entitled More Honourable than the Cherubim, is selected from a vast array of hymns, which have inspired composers and comforted the hearts of the faithful in times of both celebration and tribulation. We hope you are enjoying this collaboration of orthodox faith and sacred music for worship.

Downloading the music, purchasing a CD and leaving your review brings awareness and inspires other believers and non-believers alike to listen and learn about the music of the Church.  Please consider supporting the work of PaTRAM Institute by purchasing the gift of music for a loved one or for yourself.

We wish you a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving and offer our sincere gratitude for your continued support!