PaTRAM™ Keeps Its Promise To Commemorate Your Loved Ones in Serbia

As part of our efforts for this year’s planned Serbia concert tour and CD recording of Rachmaninoff’s “All-Night Vigil”, PaTRAM Institute™ gave all our generous donors, supporters, and friends the opportunity to submit their commemoration slips for prayers to be said for loved ones in Serbian churches during our event.

Unfortunately, like many events during the pandemic, PaTRAM was forced to cancel the Serbia event due to COVID restrictions and for the safety of our singers. This left us with many commemoration slips that our supporters had submitted.

PaTRAM refused to let our promise go unfulfilled! The PaTRAM team made a promise to our donors, and we MUST come through with that promise, whatever it takes.


St. Aleksandr Nevsky Church, Belgrade, Serbia

Thank God we had some extremely helpful and supportive friends in Serbia who were willing to assist us in fulfilling our promise by delivering the names of your loved ones, both living and reposed, to the St. Alexander Nevsky church in Belgrade.

Thanks to the efforts of our good friend, Father Aleksandr Sekulic, your loved ones were commemorated in Serbian churches, as promised. We thank God for people like Father Aleksandr and especially for our generous and supportive donors, without whom we could not continue the mission of PaTRAM.

PaTRAM will soon be announcing the 2022 Rachmaninoff Tour and CD Recording of the “All-Night Vigil” that supersedes the Serbia event. So, please subscribe to our mailing list and/or follow us on social media.

THANK YOU, as always, for your support and generosity.