“Teach Me Thy Statutes” CD Becoming A Big Success

PaTRAM Institute’s most recent CD, “Teach Me Thy Statutes”, is quickly gaining in popularity with both critics and sales outlets.The CD, which was released in mid-May, has started its ascent to the highest points in this genre.

Critics are starting to notice, with very positive reviews. In fact, one reviewer, Dan Morgan, from Music Web International, went as far as to say, “this album now tops the shortlist of the year’s best so far”. In addition, the Music Web International site, has the CD listed as “Recording of the Month”.

Sales, in both CD and downloaded formats, are growing. In fact, Reference Recordings (PaTRAM’s recording, distribution and promotion company) has just notified PaTRAM that “Teach Me Thy Statutes” has risen to the #1 position, on Amazon, in Vocal and Choral new releases!

Finally, Joy Sharpe (radio host at KLEF-FM radio in Anchorage, AK) has announced that she will feature “Teach Me Thy Statutes” on her radio show, “Sacred Concert”, on Sunday July 15th, from 6-9am Alaska Time (10am1pm Eastern Time.

The music is available from the following outlets: