“Teach Me Thy Statutes” CD Continues Garnering Accolades From Reviewers

On its path to recognition by reviewers, PaTRAM™ Institute’s most recent CD, “Teach Me Thy Statutes”, continues to receive positive, and sometimes stellar, reviews from critics. Following on the heels of our previous post, more reviews have been received and shared below.

John Quinn, from Music Web International, begins his review by saying, “this disc is, quite simply a stunner”. Mr. Quinn also adds, “as for the recorded sound, it is absolutely superb”.

Patrick Neas, writing for the Kansas City Star, wrote, “..you will really be blown away by the power and profundity of this impressive disc…”.

Jason Victor Serinus, writing for Stereophile.com, said, “this is a recording for those with a taste for Russian monastic singing, rarely heard outside that country..”.

Finally, a reminder to our readers that this Sunday, July 15th, from 6-9am Alaska Time (10am-1pm Eastern Time),  Joy Sharpe (radio host at KLEF-FM radio in Anchorage, AK) will feature “Teach Me Thy Statutes” on her radio show, “Sacred Concert”. Don’t miss it!

The music is available from the following outlets: