Maestro Dr. Peter Jermihov conducts the latest recording of Rachmaninoff’s “All Night Vigil”

In yet another major accomplishment in the storied career of PaTRAM’s esteemed faculty member, Dr. Peter Jermihov conducted the landmark recording of Rachmaninoff’s “All Night Vigil”.

Leading several different Choirs, including the PaTRAM Choir, Dr. Jermihov has delivered a superb performance of this beloved liturgical music classic that has drawn accolades across the choral music world.

“What a privilege it was to be a part of this monumental recording which brought together an amazing assemblage of singers so deeply rooted and grounded in this spiritual and musical tradition. While the choral sound is incredible, the spiritual dimension of this recording lifts it all to a mystical plane.” –Glenn Miller, Basso Profundo

“As an exchange student in Europe, my first time away from home, I was introduced to a memorable choral experience at St. Petersburg. The voices were around me, powerful, immersive, and the performance deeply moving. The music and its Russian passion has stuck with me…During this recording and production…the spiritual connection created by this great choir is memorable.” Keith O. Johnson, legendary sound engineer of Reference Recordings

As one can see, this recording is a highly acclaimed work that deserves a place in any listener’s collection. PaTRAM has been given the opportunity to pass on to our subscribers a special price on this classic recording. Everyone is welcome to purchase as many copies as desired at a 50% discount by visiting the Paraclete Press website and enter coupon code: ANV50 at checkout. Don’t miss your chance to obtain this masterpiece before the discount ends.