Kursk Root Mother of God icon in Saratov, Russia 2019

PaTRAM Institute™ Celebrates the Feast Day of the Kursk Root Icon With A Special Gift To Our Subscribers

“SECRET TRACK” revealed! 

Greetings on the Feast Day of the Wonderworking Kursk Root Mother of God “of the Sign.” Today, PaTRAM Institute has an early Christmas gift for all our subscribers! PaTRAM™ would like to sincerely thank our loyal friends and supporters and hope you will enjoy a very special, never-before-released gift: the “secret track” of the Troparion to the Kursk Root Mother of God of the Sign.

The Troparion was recorded by the PaTRAM Institute Male Choir™ in Saratov, Russia in 2019. During our time in Saratov, the 725-year old Wonderworking Kursk Root icon, accompanied by His Grace Bishop Nicholas, visited the remote city and brought with her the divine inspiration to record the “More Honourable than the Cherubim” album, released in July of this year. However, the Troparion does not appear on the album.

Today, for the FIRST TIME and on this wonderful feast day, it is our great pleasure to bring you this beautiful hymn.

We thank you for your continued support and wish you a joyous holiday season!