This week the PaTRAM spotlight shines on Seth Davidenko, oktavist, who appears on the PaTRAM Institute Male Choir’s recording of “More Honorable Than the Cherubim” which was recorded in Saratov, Russia in 2019 and is scheduled for release later this year. Seth, a Canadian, is a reader and singer at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Toronto, Ontario.

Seth graduated from the Synodal School of Liturgical Music in 2015 then completed his Bachelor’s Degree at the Holy Trinity Seminary (HTS) in 2018 and is now working on his Master’s Degree from HTS. Occasionally, Seth conducts the choir at his home parish as well as at the Holy Trinity Monastery. All this experience was essential in his earning a place in PaTRAM’s choirs which employ a rigorous selection process for non-professional singers and provide amateurs the opportunity to sing with a Grammy-nominated, professional choir.

Please watch this clip of Seth singing “The Beggar”, by Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov and accompanied by Laurie Jeanne Crockett on piano.