“The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom” by Kurt Sander Earns More Critical Acclaim

PaTRAM™ Institute’s most recent CD, The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom by Kurt Sander, continues to grow in popularity with critics and consumers alike. It has consistently ranked in the Top Ten in Opera and Vocal New Releases on Amazon since its release and even reached #11 on the Billboard Traditional Classical Album charts!

James A. Altena from Fanfare, calls the CD “a landmark of sorts in the discography of Eastern Orthodox liturgical music.”

Bill Gatens of American Record Guide noted that, “the performance is superb and the includes the chanting of baritone Kevin Keys as priest and bass Vadim Gan as deacon. His lowest notes almost defy belief.”

In his review for Fanfare, J.F. Weber writes, “the music has a 19th-century warmth of its own that makes this an altogether remarkable experience of Orthodox liturgy.” He also goes on to remark that, “The singers bring a vast dynamic range to the music and exquisite tonal quality throughout.”

John Quinn at MusicWeb International also reviewed the new CD, writing that “the singing is marvelous throughout and I have the sense that the music could not be in better hands than those of conductor Peter Jermihov.” John Quinn also previously reviewed MusicWeb International’s 2018 Recording of the Year, PaTRAM Institute’s Teach Me Thy Statutes.

Finally, Daniel Morrison (Fanfare) writes, “the performance by the PaTRAM Institute Singers [Peter Jermihov, Conductor] is notable for its beautiful, blended tone, excellent intonation, perfect coordination, finely tuned balances, and profound depth of feeling.”

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