“Teach Me Thy Statutes” CD – More Solid Reviews

As more and more reviewers listen to PaTRAM™ Institute’s most recent CD, “Teach Me Thy Statutes”, the more accolades it garners.

Ron Schepper, from Textura (an online music magazine), begins his review by saying, “The rich sonorities generated by the male voices makes for a stirring and oft-haunting result, and even a listener coming to the Russian monastic style of singing for the first time will in all likelihood be captivated by this collection of Orthodox sacred music.”.

John Quinn, who reviewed the CD in a previously published review, also included it in his periodic group listening sessions, MusicWeb’s Listening Studio, added the PaTRAM CD to a premiere group of recordings of classical music. Grouped with a collection of well-known composers, Chesnokov takes his place with those legends via the “Teach Me Thy Statutes” CD.

The music is available from the following outlets: