Rachmaninoff “All-Night Vigil” Named Recording of the Month By MusicWeb International

As promised in our prior News blast, we are continuing to share reviews with you, our loyal subscribers and friends. Your support has allowed us to create this sublime music and share it with the world! Let’s rejoice together in our accomplishments.

The first review comes from Gramophone, a well-known UK classical music magazine that reports on and reviews all aspects of classical music from around the world including concerts, artists and recordings. Did you know that our Chairman, Alexis Lukianov, has a voice that sounds like rolling thunder across the Russian Steppe? Listen to his solo in the beginning of the first hymn and throughout the recording. This recording features 8 octavists, including amazing Glenn Miller and showcases the rich sonorities of the uniquely Slavic sound that only a male choir can generate.

o read the full text of Mr. Riley’s review, please click on the image.

The second review is from the Editor-in-Chief of MusicWeb International, John Quinn. We are both humbled and excited to receive the distinction of being named MusicWeb’s  Recording of the Month. A huge honor for PaTRAM™!

Mr. Quinn’s introspective review is very detailed and insightful and captures all of his feelings about the recording. To read the full review by Mr. Quinn, please click on the image above.

We wanted all our readers to know that we are deeply grateful for all the positive accolades. This recording, as with all PaTRAM projects, was recorded with deep faith and great love!

As always, thank you for your support! We look forward to celebrating our accomplishments together.