Podcast: In-depth look at the music featured on the first Patriarch Tikhon Choir CD, “Praise the Lord, All Ye Nations.”

Vladimir Morosan, President and Founder of Musica Russica,  developed the podcast “Sing to the Lord” on Ancient Faith Ministries. “Sing to the Lord” is a program devoted to exploring the various aspects of Orthodox liturgical singing and all manner of related topics. The program will explore the theology of singing and Orthodox worship over the centuries, different types of hymns and genres, the origins and structures of various chant systems, and the various hymnographers and composers. We will hear the music itself and discuss ways of listening to the hymns, understanding them, and ways of learning to internalize them so that they speak to us more clearly, and help us to pray.

Listen as he takes an in-depth look at the music featured on the recently released CD, “Praise the Lord, All Ye Nations” by the Patriarch Tikhon Choir, and gives an insider’s look at some of the reasons this CD represents an important landmark on the musical landscape of Orthodoxy in North America.

Listen to Part 1:  Length: 39:11
Listen to Part 2: Length: 37:39