PaTRAM’s “More Honourable than the Cherubim” Continues To Gather Acclaim

Reviewers continue their acclaim for this CD!

PaTRAM Institute™ is happy with yet another review for their newest CD, “More Honourable than the Cherubim”. This week’s review comes from Colin Clarke of Fanfare Magazine, a prominent classical music periodical.

Mr. Clarke, who has never reviewed a PaTRAM CD, speaking of Dinev’s “It Is Truly Meet”, he writes: “.. this is not only a male-voice choir, but it contains those exquisitely low Russian basses that impart a velvety resonance to the sound, and indeed we hear them in full voice offering a chthonic grounding for the piece.” We urge our listeners to read the full review for complete context.

The surge of support continues to grow, not just with critics, but with our listeners and supporters. The CD remains in the top 10 of Amazon’s New Releases Chart For Opera & Vocal with an across-the-board, 5-Star rating.

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