PaTRAM Institute™ – What’s In Store For 2024

Looking to 2024, a year brimming with promise and potential, we are filled with excitement and gratitude when we think about the strides we are poised to make at PaTRAM Institute. Our primary focus for the year ahead will be the growth and development of the Center for Musical Excellence, a pivotal step in our ongoing mission to nurture and showcase the rich tapestry of Orthodox sacred music and cultivate a standard of musical excellence that is both spiritually profound and artistically outstanding. Central to this vision is the choir at St. Luke the Blessed Surgeon. Already through their dedication and talent, they are laying the groundwork for what will evolve into the choir of the Resurrection Cathedral, the future home of PaTRAM.

Furthermore, the Center will act as an incubator for Youth Choirs, providing young singers the opportunity to engage with and learn the traditions of Orthodox music from an early age. These choirs will not only preserve our musical heritage but also ensure its evolution and relevance for years to come.

Additionally, we cannot wait to share the spiritually profound and deeply moving masterpiece, Rachmaninoff’s “All-Night Vigil” album, with the world. The release date is March 2024. Last week, as a special gift, we offered our subscribers a sneak peek into the music, a clip of Bogoroditse Devo – Rejoice, O Virgin, performed by the PaTRAM Institute Male Choir.  We hope you have had an opportunity to listen to an excerpt from the album. If not, we are joyfully sharing it here. Please click the link and enjoy:

Bogoroditse Devo – Rejoice, O Virgin

And there is so much more to come in 2024! The PaTRAM Concert Series; the establishment of the PaTRAM Music Library; Choir development at St. Luke’s Church and other significant projects and events.

In order to fully realize these ambitious and transformative projects in 2024, we have set a fundraising goal of $200,000. This amount is dedicated exclusively to the development and implementation of our programs, ensuring that every aspect of our vision is brought to fruition with the excellence and devotion it deserves.

Your contribution has a direct and profound impact on the advancement of our mission. It enables us to focus our resources and energies on what we do best – bringing transcendent sacred music to life and nurturing the talents of those who will carry this legacy forward.

These transformational projects can only happen with your help. While all administrative costs are generously covered by the Lukianov Family Foundation, PaTRAM projects are fully funded by you, our supporters, donors and sponsors. Please give generously today:

Together, let us build a future where the sacred melodies of our faith are sung by voices young and old, continuing the unbroken chain of praise and worship that defines our Orthodox heritage and brings us closer to our Creator. Your partnership in this mission is not just an investment in music; it is an investment in the spiritual and cultural life of future generations.

We are deeply grateful for your continued support and partnership in this sacred endeavor. May the coming year be a harmonious symphony of growth, learning, and spiritual enrichment for us all.

The PaTRAM Team