PaTRAM Institute Male Choir™ Has Hit the Airwaves!

After 2 months into its release, the “All-Night Vigil” CD is being aired on MULTIPLE radio stations domestically and internationally. From the US to Canada to Australia and the UK, this CD is getting extended air time on both traditional radio stations, as well as, syndicated, satellite and web-based radio stations.

Broadcasters are exclaiming that this album “is a must!!!” and “Wow, I just listened to the first track and almost fainted!!!

Click on the image above and see/hear for yourself what the DJs are saying. You’ll see a listing of the radio stations that are playing this amazing music.

Also, in the coming weeks, we will publish a link to a one-on-one interview with Glenn Miller, basso profundo singer with the PaTRAM™ ensemble. Glenn was interviewed by Chris Wolf at Winnipeg’s Classic 107. Be sure to subscribe to our website to get the latest information about this and other news.

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