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PaTRAM Institute™ Initiates A Go Fund Me Campaign To Raise Critical Funding For Completion Of Their Recording of Rachmaninoff’s All-Night Vigil

PaTRAM™ CEO, Tatiana Geringer, on behalf of PaTRAM Institute™, has created a GoFundMe campaign to finance the completion of PaTRAM’s most recent recording of the epic Rachmaninoff masterpiece, the “All-Night Vigil” for Male Choir.

This past June PaTRAM overcame innumerable obstacles, including the pandemic and challenging political events, to bring 52 male choristers from the US, Canada, Serbia, Australia and Russia, to the Holy Land to record this stunning sacred music.

The CD is recorded, but now it must be mastered and prepared for PaTRAM to share with you. We are all keenly aware of the recent dramatic increases in prices for everything from food to transportation. Our project was significantly impacted by these unexpected increases, and the funds to complete the Rachmaninoff in the Holy Land project have run out.

The MOST IMPORTANT FINAL PHASE of the project is in jeopardy!

Today PaTRAM must urgently raise $30,000 to bring the Rachmaninoff “All-Night Vigil” to the world, and we are asking you and anyone else who is moved by this incredibly soulful music, to donate to this effort on PaTRAM’s GoFundMe page. The mastering of the CD must be done in 2022 in order for the CD to be ready for public distribution in 2023.

Join Tatiana in bringing Rachmaninoff’s ethereal masterpiece of spiritual artistry to life! Read her story and see how you can make the difference!

As always, your help is GREATLY appreciated!