PaTRAM Institute™ Hosts Producers Circle Dinner 2020

PaTRAM Institute™ held its Producers Circle Dinner 2020 on Thursday, September 24, 2020 in Florida at the beachfront home of its co-founders, Alex and Katya Lukianov. This event is held once a year to raise donations for PaTRAM’s professional and educational programs. This year “A Taste of Russia” was the predominant theme of our event with table settings of matrioshki dolls, amazingly delicious hors d’oeuvres of black caviar and dozens of other Russian appetizers, a dinner menu of chicken Kiev and salmon pastry and, of course, vodka.

On the deck overlooking the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, with its warm breezes, our wonderful supporters enjoyed all the amenities of this event. Music was provided by a Russian duet playing and singing traditional Russian songs. There were vodka tastings of 4 different kinds of vodka, two of which were hand-infused by our very own Katya Lukianov and CEO, Tatiana Geringer, cherry and honey-horseradish, respectively.

Photos courtesy of Javier Cordova, Sanya Lukianov and Tatiana Geringer

Cocktail hour started the festivities with guests helping themselves to delicious appetizers and vodka and the air filled with traditional Russian music. The beach felt more like a luxury resort in Russia than Florida. On a day when rain threatened the outdoor event throughout the day, the skies became gloriously clear for the duration of event with the rain returning just as our guests were leaving. Impeccable timing.

After dinner, all the guests were invited inside the Lukianov residence and PaTRAM CEO, Tatiana Geringer, narrated an interesting PowerPoint slide show highlighting PaTRAM’s accomplishments, next year’s “Russian Cross” concert in Moscow and the CD recording and concert tour in Serbia, featuring various exciting sponsor opportunities available to our donors.

Photos courtesy of Javier Cordova, Sanya Lukianov and Tatiana Geringer

As part of the presentation, Mr. Greg Soufleris, a twice Associate Executive Producer of PaTRAM’s previous two CDs, spoke to the group about his experience during last year’s Russia tour, how it affected him personally and the wonderful experience that it was. PaTRAM is grateful for his support. Mr. Soufleris, appropriately, was presented with the Platinum Patron of the Year Award for his generous support of PaTRAM Institute and the advancement of the cultural arts.

PaTRAM also recognized Hightower Advisors, LLC represented by Mr. David Molnar and Mr. Drew Nordlicht, who accepted the Silver Patron of the Year Award for their company’s generous support of PaTRAM Institute and the advancement of the cultural arts.

Not to be forgotten, the evening’s other two awards were presented to Maestro Vladimir Gorbik and Natasha Shaginian-Needham. Maestro Gorbik (who was unable to attend due to Russia’s COVID travel restrictions) received the PaTRAM Institute Musical Excellence Award for unwavering dedication to the mission of PaTRAM Institute and the advancement of the Russian cultural arts. Ms. Shaginian-Needman received the PaTRAM Institute Great Humanitarian Award for championing children with special needs and establishing programs that realize their dreams of walking. Ms. Shaginian-Needham heads the Life In Motion children’s charity that works with Russian children with physical disabilities to help them get the prosthetics and physical therapy they need to improve their lives.

Photos courtesy of Javier Cordova, Sanya Lukianov and Tatiana Geringer

Photo courtesy of Javier Cordova

In closing the presentation, Mr. Lukianov thanked his guests and donors for their support and startled the entire assembly with a surprise development. An anonymous donor had offered PaTRAM a dollar-for-dollar match of $50,000 BUT with a “catch”. The catch was that PaTRAM needed to raise $40,000 ABOVE OR BEYOND the approximately $60,000 that was raised at this event. Simply speaking, $100,000 had to be raised before the anonymous donor will match with their $50,000. It’s an all-or-nothing offer!


Photo courtesy of Javier Cordova

The evening ended with cigars, from Mr. Lukianov’s personal collection, and good deal of chatting and interfacing between guests and the PaTRAM leadership. Everyone greatly enjoyed the evening even as the rain, that had threatened the event all day, came back as our guests were leaving. But no one seemed to mind.

If you’d like to be a part of the next event, in 2021, please let us know. We would be honored to have you as our guest.

If you’d like to donate to PaTRAM, and help us meet our anonymous donor’s matching offer of $50,000, we urge you to go to our DONATE page. Every dollar gets us closer to that match! Time is of the essence to reach our goal and receive the $50,000 match. Please give what you can TODAY! Donors and sponsors MAKE THE MUSIC HAPPEN.