PaTRAM Institute™ Chairman Interviewed For His “Midas Touch” In Business and Technology

In case our readers didn’t know already, our Chairman, Alexis Lukianov, wears many hats. He is a builder of MedTech companies, a builder of churches, a race car driving enthusiast and so much more! Alex has a long history of success in the medical devices world, starting with orthopedic devices and moving on to spinal technologies.

In fact, Mr. Lukianov’s successes have gained him a reputation, in the medical technology world, as a sort of “King Midas”. The analogy referring to everything he does in medical technology, figuratively and financially, turns to gold.

We urge our readers to read the article by Matt Henshaw, a Medical Technology recruiter and talent specialist in the medical technology field. You’ll find it fascinating and better understand the architect of PaTRAM’s organizational and operational structure.