PaTRAM blog post

Music from PaTRAM Institute™ Is Truly Global In Its Reach

We are proud to learn that our newest CD, “Blessed Art Thou among Women”- Peter Jermihov, Conductor, has been streamed in 65 countries around the world on Spotify – and growing!

In addition to the success of PaTRAM Institute’s newest CD, the music from our other CDs is being heard around the globe. There are about 190+ countries in the world, that means that over 30% of the countries around the globe have listened to our music. Amazing!

And….the accolades have not stopped.

On ArkivMusic, one of the retail outlets where our music is available, a listener wrote yet another positive review of the “Blessed Art Thou among Women” CD. Hershel Anderson states, “The combination of so many perfectly trained voices performing in an atmosphere with the slight echo of their voices that a church with beautiful acoustics provides is a listener’s joy“. Read his full review.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have listened, shared, or purchased our newest musical treasure. We appreciate your continued support!