Labor Day Young Singers’ Conference 2016

The Labor Day Young Singers’ Conference started on Saturday of Labor Day weekend, September 3rd, 2016, at Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY. This is the first such event, sponsored by PaTRAM, to be held at the Holy Trinity Monastery but will certainly not be the last. The number of participants exceeded expectations and in the future will only bring more Orthodox singers together to learn from the best Choirmasters, sing their hearts out and have some fun, too.

With experts Dr. Peter Jermihov, Katya Lukianova, Dr. Irina Riazanova, Father Ephraim Willmarth, the participants will gain a great deal of knowledge of traditional Russian Orthodox Church singing and music. In addition, they will be exposed to intensive practical training and see first hand how effective rehearsals are conducted. It will all culminate with the participants joining with the Holy Trinity Seminary Choir singers to sing at the Hierarchical Liturgy officiated by Archbishop Gabriel of Montreal and Canada and Bishop Nicholas of Manhattan. In fact, the participants will sing at TWO Hierarchical services during this weekend event, on Sunday and Monday mornings.

As with all PaTRAM events, it isn’t all just work, work, work. We always find time to take a break, relax and do something fun, typically by taking an excursion to a local area of interest. At this event, the participants will be going to Glimmerglass State Park which is a short drive from the Monastery. There the group will have a sunset dinner, take in the beautiful location and relax and become better acquainted. In addition, PaTRAM has arranged for the group to have off-hours access to the Holy Trinity Bookstore and the Foundation of Russian History Museum, both of which are on-site. The collections of the Foundation of Russian History museum include a variety of religious objects, militaria, paintings, works on paper, decorative art, books and documents. Most of the artifacts date from the second half of the 19th century to the present. Among these are a substantial number of objects that belonged to the Russian Imperial Family, many having been donated by members of the Romanov family.

Also, a short walk away is the St. Elizabeth Skete, with its beautiful gardens, Chapel and store. The store is of particular note where they sell their well-known, all natural beauty products (hand-made by the residents) as well as hand-made candles, jellies, art and, of course, Jordanville’s widely lauded honey. Their unique products would be great souvenirs and/or gifts.

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Day 1: September 3rd, 2016

Founder & CEO, Alex Lukianov, speaks about how his vision and the concept of PaTRAM became a reality

Founder and CEO, Alex Lukianov, spoke about his vision and the conception of PaTRAM.

We came into this room as a group of people, we left as a choir -Dr Peter Jermihov

“We came into this room as just a group of people, we left as a choir” – Dr. Peter Jermihov


We joined Holy Trinity Monastery in the cross procession to the church with an Akathatist.

Bishop Nicholas of Manhattan blessed the pilgrims with the Pochayevskaya miracle working icon of the Mother of God.

Day 2: September 4th, 2016


The PaTRAM Young Singers’ Choir sang the Hierarchal Divine Liturgy under the direction of Dr. Peter Jermihov.


Bishop Nicholas of Manhattan blessed the pilgrims with holy water during the Krestni Hod.


The PaTRAM Young Singers’ Choir and Holy Trinity Monastery joined after Hierarchal Divine Liturgy, moleben to the Mother of God and St. Job of Pochaev.


Participants enjoyed swimming, dinner at sunset and other activities at Glimmerglass State Park.

Day 3: September 5th, 2016


Greeting Archbishop Gabriel.


The PaTRAM Young Singers’ Choir singing Hierarchal Diving Liturgy.



Many Years Master!


The history behind the grounds of St. Elizabeth Skete and the icons within the chapel was shared by one of the convent’s sisters.


Archbishop Gabriel, of Montreal and Canada, Bishop Nicholas of Manhattan and Archimandrite Luke, Abbott of Holy Trinity Monastery, and the PaTRAM Young Singers’ Choir in Jordanville.