eadiocese.org: Newly Formed Music Institute to train Orthodox Choir Conductors and Singers in North America

[eadiocese.org] HOWELL, NJ – Approximately 2,500 churches and monasteries comprise a melting pot of cultures and liturgical traditions that define Orthodox North America. 1,000 of those churches belong to the Russian Orthodox Church and the Orthodox Church in America, both of whom are deeply rooted in the 1,000 year history of Orthodox Russia. One of the most visible signs of similarity between these jurisdictions is the Russian style of liturgical singing, which is vastly different from the Greek and Antiochian traditions. OCA and Russian churches predominantly sing the services a cappella, which requires a choir and a competent conductor. Choir conferences and short term training courses are organized by most Orthodox jurisdictions in America, but there has not been a unified program or formal institute where conductors and singers can receive their training. Continue reading »

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