ANNOUNCING: PaTRAM’S NEW ALBUM, “More Honourable than the Cherubim”, to be released JULY 30! MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

PaTRAM CD More Honourable than the Cherubim - Coming July 30th

The highly anticipated, international PaTRAM Male Choir™ album entitled, “More Honourable than the Cherubim”, will be released on JULY 30! PaTRAM’s newest musical offering, honoring the Most Holy Virgin Mary, the Lady Theotokos, is a unique program selected from a vast array of hymns, which have inspired composers and comforted the hearts of the faithful in times of both celebration and tribulation.

In 2019 the Grammy award nominated PaTRAM Institute Male Choir, comprised of 56 vocalists, hailing from five countries, traveled to distant Saratov, Russia and coalesced in an inspired collaboration of orthodox faith and sacred music for worship. The choir achieved a sound so deeply beautiful and moving, that local residents huddled outside the recording venue and on balconies of adjacent buildings in hopes of hearing the heavenly and exquisite music coming from inside the church.

To showcase the full range of the Choir’s potential, the album features an unprecedented 9-member section of the lowest naturally occurring voices – the bassi profundi, complemented by the heavenly voices of first tenors. The deep, unparalleled sound of the oktavists resembles the roll of thunder across the vast Russian steppe.

The choir drew divine inspiration from the 725-year-old Wonderworking Kursk Root Mother of God of the Sign Icon, which was granted special permission to travel with the PaTRAM Institute Male Choir to Saratov, Russia. During our time in this remote city, more than 18,000 pilgrims venerated the holy and ancient icon. It was a glorious sight to behold as long-time believers and those new to the faith stood patiently to pray in the presence of the magnificent relic.

This release was recorded and mastered by the talented team at Soundmirror, whose outstanding orchestral, solo, opera and chamber recordings have received more than 100 Grammy® nominations and awards. For over 40 years, Soundmirror has recorded for every major classical record label, including our new Grammy award winning label, Chandos Records. PaTRAM Institute co-founders Alexis and Katherine Lukianov served as Executive Producers.

We cannot wait to share this new recording with you and trust you will enjoy absorbing the music as much as we enjoyed preparing it!

“More Honourable than the Cherubim” is the Record of the MONTH! We invite you to read the feature story about our history-making album in this month’s Chandos Records Newsletter and enjoy photographs and even A SAMPLE of the music!

GREAT NEWS! This unique recording is available to PRE-ORDER from Chandos Records NOW!