Voice Private Lessons

Instructors – Laryssa Doohovskoy, M.M. Vocal Performance and Pedagogy; Richard Barrett, B.M. Vocal Performance, Ph.D. candidate, University of Indiana

Through carefully guided exercises and repertoire study, students work to develop and refine their voice through focused work on:

  • diction
  • vocal color
  • breath support
  • vocal endurance

In a one-on-one online lesson students enjoy unparalleled attention to technical detail and artistic development. Students receive training in proper vocal technique and it’s application in a choral setting. This unique form of vocal training is designed to enable church singers to make the highest quality contribution to their choir. The repertoire studied is chosen from a variety of liturgical singing styles, and students are given personal technical guidance appropriate to their vocal range. Course length is 12 weeks.

12 Weeks – $60 per lesson

System Requirements:

  • Computer with high-speed internet connection
  • Webcam
  • Computer Microphone
  • Web Browser
  • Printer (recommended)

Materials: (provided, subject to change)
Students study their respective voice part in selections from the repertoire from PaTRAM choral master classes. One selection for each of the following genres is studied: monophonic chant settings, large works for mixed choir, stichera settings, selections with long recitative passages. Vocal exercises are assigned and reviewed weekly. All materials are provided.

Course Expectations:
Practice should take 2 hours per week on average. Students have weekly exercise and repertoire study assignments. Students are expected to individually demonstrate their progress during each of the lessons.

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