PaTRAM Donation Match Helps St. Tikhon’s Seminary With “New” Piano

Late last year, Reader Benedict Sheehan, Director of Music and Assistant Professor of Liturgical Music at St. Tikhon’s Seminary and long time PaTRAM collaborator, petitioned PaTRAM for assistance in procuring a piano for the Seminary’s music program.

The piano they had been using for decades was finally at the end of its lifetime and needed replacing. A new piano was out of the question as they are extremely expensive. So, the Seminary set out to find the best previously owned piano they could find but first needed the funding to accomplish that feat.

Alex Lukianov, PaTRAM’s Chairman and Co-Founder, agreed with Reader Benedict to a dollar-for-dollar match effort. For every dollar raised by St. Tikhon’s for the purchase of a “new” piano, PaTRAM would match that dollar with one of their own.


With generous donations from friends of St. Tikhon’s, as well as Dr. John Babiak, the PaTRAM match effort reached its goal in short order and another, newer piano was obtained by Reader Benedict.




The piano is a shining beauty that is now the centerpiece of the Seminary’s music program. Alex Milas, PaTRAM’s Executive Director, visited the Seminary in May to see, first-hand, the result of the two organizations’ efforts.



On the side of the piano there is a plaque that permanently commemorates the effort and the spirit of giving and cooperation that it represents.

PaTRAM is extremely pleased to have been able to help the Seminary’s music program. The two organizations share a common goal, to cultivate Orthodox liturgical music, and this is just another step towards that end.